My name is Sonia née Sonia Aurora Case Martínez. I was born in Mexico City to a very Mexican mother and an extremely midwestern father. Raised on copious amounts of cheese, love for the Cleveland Indians as well as a strict Vitamin-T diet (tacos, tortillas, tlacoyos and tamales) I’ve been able to master the intricacies of both English and Spanish. A special thanks to my mom for forcing me to watch Disney channel in English, I will always be indebted to you. 


I’m an actor based in New York City with a special place in my heart for theater and voiceover. Back in 2012 I had the pleasure of playing Balthazar in Much Ado About Nothing - not only did I have the chance to star as a glorified tree and man in my first ever Shakespeare play, I also got to sing as a man. Standing in front of my entire New England prep school singing “Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more” in a moustache, boots and a painful baritone I realized the true range and potential of my voice.  As my brother once said, “I knew you’d find a use for your weirdly deep man voice.”


My strength is flexibility. I’ve voiced dead cats for short films, teenage girls for Chips Ahoy and many a legal tag for the likes of Comcast and Nissan. My number one skill is language, as I am also fluent in French (merci 5 years of French camp) and have a wonderfully basic understanding of Portuguese and German.


I graduated from NYU Tisch with a BFA in rolling around on the floor with intention. A movement teacher once called me a “hard determination machine” - throw something at me and I will devour it and spit it back stronger. 


I’m currently working on Episode 3 for my upcoming web series Not Your Average Jojo. When I’m not behind the mic or flopping around on a yoga mat pretending to do HIIT, you can find me at the New School completing my Masters in Media Management.

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2010 - present
2010 - present